give them a flower arrangement

Many times, Realtors congratulates the new owners, and give them a flower arrangement. Illuminate a new family, as cheap fresh flowers, a basket, bowl or vase. Flowers and gifts not only thoughtful, but to strengthen the relationship between the client and the agent.Not flowers, florist gift baskets, fruit, chocolate and flowers, some shops will purchase these things only when command. Profits of a flower shop to spend more demand, such as in the event of the Christmas season, Valentine's Day, graduations, Mother's Day, All Souls Day, Advent, Easter, weddings and funerals. From factories and home decoration purposes. Flowers for personal enjoyment, as well as those who choose to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, and get good desire an important part of the florist business. A florist business. Success in all business, entrepreneurs need to have all the necessary elements needed to provide quality customer service. Indication of a repeat customer is a satisfied customer. Satisfied customers bring more customers. Customer satisfaction must be the goal of every enterprise. Because your business is a florist, then you basically about flowers and plants. A customer came in, and called on the planting of flowers and fresh recommendations. Plant nutrition, soil, light and temperature affect the growth of flowers, including how to keep the flowers will guarantee business to attract customers, the different aspects. Good income from the customer's needs first. The basic elements in the florist business.